Three easy steps to overcoming imposter syndrome

Charlie E Hyde
4 min readJul 3, 2022

Beat imposter syndrome once and for all

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I’m motivated by one idea and one idea only: I’m the only thing standing between me and achieving my wildest dreams.

So why do I feel like such an imposter at every turn?!

I used to be crippled by imposter syndrome and let it hold me back both professionally and personally. Then I became a Management Consultant and couldn’t run any more. Consulting offers imposter syndrome twice as many opportunities to rear its ugly head: within the firm and with your client. I had no choice but to face the imposter demons head on. This blog is what I learnt.

I’ve learnt these three things the hard way; I hope this blog can help others beat the imposter gremlins and smash through their goals.

1. Self-affirmation

I don’t personally like this term, I find it a bit woo-woo; I prefer to think of it as ‘give yourself a good talking to’.

I recently went to a Fintech networking event and as soon as I walked in the imposter demons screamed, “you don’t belong here”, “you’re going to be on your own the whole time”, “you don’t deserve to be here”. I tried taking a breath and looking for the welcomer to break the ice, but it didn’t work.



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